Subscriber management is where you will manage your subscriber email lists. It is a place to upload your subscribers and unsubscribers, add tags to the subscribers and remove tags. Managing your subscribers allows you to send newsletters easily, and choose who to send and not to send your newsletters to.

To get to subscriber management go to "Data", and select subscriber management as shown below.

When you go subscriber management initially it will be empty.
Users are added to the subscriber list in two ways. One is manually by uploading a list, or automatically. To Manually upload a list of subscribers, you select the action:

And then, upload list: Choose subscribers or unsubscribers.

When you upload a list of subscribers or unsubscribers, make sure your spreadsheet is in the proper format shown here

Here you can also choose to download a list of subscribers or unsubscribers as well.

The other way users are added to this subscriber list is automatically. Subscribers can be added with the Datacrushers' email collection popup when it is turned on and functioning on your site. Additionally, any field on your site that asks for a customer to subscribe to the newsletter will be flagged by our system and all those emails will automatically be added to the subscriber list as well. Two examples of this are a subscribe to email field like the one below: 

The other could be an opt-in box when entering your email such as the one shown here: 


Once your subscribers have been uploaded you can add tags to them so that you can choose easily who to send newsletters to.  

In the past subscribers were filtered according to lists. Now, it is done with tags. You can upload an existing list with tags or add tags in our system. The system automatically tags emails that were blocked or bounced when an email was sent. Blocked means it cannot be sent, and bounced means that the email address is wrong. We can also do other automatic tagging as well. To add tags manually, select the subscribers you would like to tag and  click “Add tag” as shown below:

Here you will see the following options:

You can either use an existing tag to tag the subscribers you had selected or create a new tag. Then click “Tag subscribers”. 

To Remove a tag click on the box Remove tag as shown below:

And you will see the option to either type in or select a tag name from the drop-down menu.

Then, click remove tag.

Subscriber management also shows you the LTV and LTS of the subscribers in your list. LTV is Lifetime Value and LTS is Lifetime Sales. See article to find out more about LTV and LTS.

In subscriber management you can also search and filter your subscribers.

To search you can type an email into the search bar shown above. To filter, click on the little filter box shown in red above. You will then see the filter options:

You can filter by LTV, LTS, Subscribed date (showing from and to to enter dates), Tags, subscribed and unsubscribed.

You can also easily unsubscribe any emails by clicking the unsubscribe button.

Subscriber management is an easy place to see, search, filter and tag your subscribers. It allows you to more easily deal with your subscribers whether there are hundreds or thousands. Now that you have a handle on how to handle your subscribers, its time to start sending those newsletters! See everything you need to know about newsletters here:

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