Now that we have set up the email collection popup, what happens when your customer enters their email? When you set up a Welcome Series Email your customer will receive a nice thank you email for signing up to your newsletter! You can even send them a coupon code to give them an incentive to make a purchase.

Not only does the Welcome Series work with our Datacrushers Email Collection Popup, but it will work with your site as well. Any field where you have an option on your site for a customer to enter their email address to sign up to a newsletter can be connected to Welcome Series Email so they can get an email after signing up.

Setting up the Welcome Series Email is simple. Go to Crushers and Choose Welcome Series Email.

Next, fill in the fields on the Email Settings:

Name the email, then choose when to send the email. It can be sent in increments anywhere from minutes to hours to days to months. 

Make sure the “From” email is an email address that is not a gmail address, preferably with your URL.

The Email subject is what the customer will see when they receive the email. You can then segment by LTV or LTS. If you want customers who have never made a purchase to get a different welcome series email than veteran customers who have purchased before or numerous times before, you can create different versions and segment them here. See our article titled “Segmentation and A/B Testing.” Don’t forget to click save! 

To set up the email, click “Edit.”

To learn how to use our new drag and drop editor to create your “Welcome Series Email”, see our article, “The Editor.”

Important Sections that you should include in your “Welcome Series Email.”

  • Your logo: Always important to have your logo on the top of an email. The customer needs to recognize your brand.
  • Text: Make sure to welcome your new customer who has signed up for your newsletter. It would be nice to offer an incentive for a purchase here as well. (You can add a coupon too).
  • Button: Button should have a link to the site, and a call to action. Such as “start shopping!” (or something relevant to what you’re selling.) We suggest using a brand color for the button as well.


  • Social Widgets. Not a must, but a suggestion, its good to have social widgets so the customer can connect to you or follow you on social media. After all, they have signed up to your newsletter, so they will probably want to see your Instagram posts!
  • Product Suggestions. You can put links to products that are on sale, or the most popular items if you want to promote certain products to your customers in the Welcome Series Email.

Click Save in the editor, and then go back to the setup for your Welcome Series email. Click save here again. 

Let us know if you have email fields on your site where your customer can sign up for newsletters that are not through our email collection popup. We need to make sure everything is working seamlessly for you before you turn on your email.

Once you have saved everything your Welcome Series Email is ready. Turn your email to active and, voila! Your Welcome Series Email is now working!

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