One you have set up cart recovery emails, you have an email sent out to customers who abandon a cart. What about the customers who come to your site and DON’T add an item to their cart? Search recovery emails can help capture some of those customers. If a customer comes to your site and types a search term into the search bar of your site, and then DOES NOT add an item to their cart, they can be sent an email based on what they searched for. If they search for an item in the search bar and then add an item to their cart, they will be sent a cart recovery email not a search recovery email.

Setting up search recovery emails is simple. First, let our customer service team know that you want to set up search recovery, so that we can configure the script to monitor and record your searches.  Once you get the go-ahead, you can start setting up the emails. Go to Crushers> Search Recovery Emails.

Once you select Search Recovery Emails, enter a name for the email such as “Search Recovery 1”. Then go to the next drop-down box where it says “send this email” and choose after how many minutes or hours you would like to have the search recovery email sent to the customer.

Here you will enter an email subject, what the customer will see in the subject line of his or her email.

You will also choose if you want to segment by LTV or LTS (Lifetime Value or Lifetime Sales). As an example, if you want the email to only be sent to repeat customers, you can enter LTS above 0 as shown below.

You can also do an a/b test to see what email or subject line converts better. You would choose split test group 1 or group 2. 

To create the content of your email you will click on “Edit” and then use our drag and drop editor to create your email. Add widgets with images and text. Adding the cart widget will add a search cart to your email. Add a proper call to action button to redirect the shopper back to your site or to his search. Don’t forget to click save!

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