Now that you are familiar with the “in’s and out’s” of the Drag and Drop email editor, it’s time to create a Post Purchase email for your business!

Here are all the components that must be included in the body of your post purchase email. If you want to ensure a successful post purchase email campaign, follow our recommendations. 

  1. Header Banner: This is the first part of any email that catches a shoppers attention. It must include your businesses name, logo, and a message explaining the purpose of the email. Be sure to include an embed link to your site within the banner! 
  2. Introductory Text: This should explain the purpose of the email so that the viewer understands why they are receiving it. 
  3. Optional: Well explain which component might want to include here further down. 
  4. 4.Closing Text: This should give the viewer a compelling reason to come back to your site.
  5. A CTA on a Button: This should feature a simple message directing shoppers back to their cart, so they can complete their purchase. 
  6. Footer Text: This must include details about your business such as where you are located, how to contact customer service, and any other relevant information.  

Which “Optional” Component Should You Include? 

This really depends on the purpose of your post purchase email campaign. Let’s check out a few different types of post purchase email campaigns to explain why you might want to use a specific commerce component.

Shopper Reactivation: 

Reactivation campaigns are used to “reactivate” a shopper who has not visited your site in several months (or found some other way of completing a purchase). In this case, you may consider using the “Cart” or “Stacked Cart” components to display the latest products on offer. You can also use these components to display products that might be relevant to the shopper. IE if they bought shoes, they may want some socks? 

Shopper Replenishment:

This type of campaign is great for products that shoppers need to purchase regularly. If you sell perishable goods (such as food) or office supplies, then a replenishment campaign is going to be your best friend when it comes to repeat revenue. Here to you can use the “Cart” or “Stacked Cart” components to display a shoppers prior purchase. Thus reminding them it’s time to order again. 

Pro-tip: Use a dynamic link in your CTA button which will bring the shopper directly to checkout on your site. 

Product Recommendations: 

Alternatively, you might want to use the “Products” component to display a list of recommended products based on popular product from your site


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