Using the Drag and Drop Email Editor for: Cart Recovery Emails 

Now that you are familiar with the “in’s and out’s” of the Drag and Drop email editor, it’s time to create a Cart Recovery email for your business!  

Here are all the components that must be included in the body of your cart recovery email. If you want to ensure a successful cart recovery campaign, follow our recommendation. 

  1. Header Banner: This is the part of any email that first catches a shoppers attention. This must include your businesses name, logo, and a message explaining the purpose of the email. Be sure to embed a link in your banner! 
  2. Introductory Text: This should explain the purpose of the email so that the viewer understands why they are receiving it. 
  3.  Cart: Include this when formatting your email. 
  4. Closing Text: This should give the viewer a compelling reason to come back to your site.
  5. A CTA on a Button: This should feature a simple message directing shoppers back to their cart, so they can complete their purchase. 
  6. Footer Text: This must include details about your business such as where your business is located, customer service et

Featured below is an example of a basic cart recovery email incorporating all of the components that must be included. 


  • Coupon: Sometimes including a coupon in a cart recover email is enough of an incentive to bring a shopper back to complete their purchase. 



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