Campaign Performance provides users with an immediate overview of all their currently active campaigns. To get to this part of the Datacrushers app, simply click on “Data” and then select “Campaign Performance. 

At the top, we have our pre-selected time filters for viewing campaign performance over the past 7, 30, or 90 days (1). To the right, we can use the built-in calendar to view data between specific dates over the past 90 days (2).
This section tabs for viewing for each of your campaign active. If you have 5 active it will show 5 and if you have 3 it will show 3 (for example).

The Funnel:  Select either all emails or a specific email, or an group if you have an A/B test from the drop down menu. All emails will be shown as the email name that it was given in the cart recovery or post purchase field. Email blasts will have the time stamp in addition to the name.

 The funnel will show the number of unique users  that were sent, that opened and clicked on the email. If a user was sent two emails in a given time frame, which he opened three times, the opens and clicks would be counted as one. One open and one click. Conversions are all conversions (if a user purchased twice, there will be two conversions counted). The % value is displayed next to each number. 

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