Now that you have created your custom product groups, you can proceed to "Shopper Analytics" and search for all the people who have purchased one or more of the products in this new group, and then retarget them via a segmented email blast. Alternatively, You can find all the people who abandoned these products, and retarget them with an email showing them the products in this group, and inviting them back to the site to complete their purchase.

Here is a step-by-step showing exactly how this process works.

In “Shopper Analytics” start at the “Basic” tab, and search for your audience based on factors such as whether or not they have purchased the items in the group over the past 7, 30, or 90 days OR have abandoned these items during the aforementioned period. 

Go to the “Cart Content” tab and click on “Product Group”, proceed to add the group you wish to search for “Black Sneakers”. Then hit “Apply”. 

Make sure to name, and save your new shopper segment. “Purchased Black Sneakers 7 days.” You can then click on “Select An Action” and click on “Segment Email Blast”. 

Select the segment you wish to send an email blast to, from the drop-down menu within the “Email Segment” category. Then proceed to create an original email using our included tools, or simply import your own template and proceed from there. 


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