You can use product groups as product recommendations to up-sell to your existing shoppers. This is accomplished by using shopper segmentation to find visitors who recently completed a purchase, and subsequently sending them a segmented post purchase email which includes “Recommended Products”. Based on their latest purchase.  

IE if they purchased pants, you send them shirts as well as pants. This tool allows us to automate the regularity of these emails. So an email can be sent out anywhere between 1 day to 12 months after a purchase.

This timing feature is really important, especially for “Perishable Goods”, which here means any items that shoppers are likely to deplete within a short period after their purchase (not food). Items such as, but not limited to, paper goods, cleaning supplies, latex gloves, and printer ink, etc. In this scenario, you would create a product group for “Latex Gloves”. And then find all the shoppers who recently purchased this item, and create a post-purchase email campaign designed to retarget them every 21 days. You can use this tool to target as many unique shopper segments as you want.

Here is how this works. Under “Crushers” go to “Post-Purchase Emails”. 

Next, select the box to the right of “Send this email” to display a drop down menu showing a series of pre-selected time frames to target from a shoppers last purchase. 

Finally, select a group from “Product Groups” to target with this post-purchase email campaign. 

That’s it. Now continue composing this email as you normally would. 

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