Within our Product Analytics menu, there are many filtering options that once set, can be applied across all the subsections. If you are unsure as to how best utilize this section, don’t worry! Our filters make it easy, and provide you with plenty of choices to choose from. Let’s check it out.

Product Display / Product Search: This is where the Product Analytics process starts. You can arrange the order by clicking on price, sales, abandonments, or other metrics as you see fit.   You can also search for a specific product by name or SKU. Once you have selected the item you wish to focus on, you can move on to the next step.
Filter By Range: Here you can filter your search history by a range of pre-selected time frames.

● Up to 7 days back.
● Up to 30 days back.
● Up to 90 days back.
Filter By Time: Since these preselected periods may not be ideal for everyone, we also included a custom date option. It’s a calendar that lets you select dates at any point over the last 90 days.

Example: Thursday, November 23th - Monday, November  27th.

Custom Filter: This can be used for searching based on “From” until “To” by inserting a specific value which we want use to narrow down our search.  

● Abandonments: The number of product abandonments.  
● Sales: The number of sales of a specific product.  
● Price: Calculated as follows: Product Price, is the average price of all the purchases and abandonments of a specific product after it was added to the cart. Which is the price the shoppers saw when they came to make a purchasing decision.
● Revenue: The amount of revenue generated from sales of a specific product.
● Abandoned Revenue: The amount of potential revenue “lost” from that product’s abandonments.

Pre-Built Reports:

Next, we have three pre-built reporting sections within Product Analytics. Each section is dedicated to providing you with a specific report on the following: Revenue Analytics, Abandonment Analytics, and Abandonment Ratio.

● Revenue Analytics: Here you will find information on which products are currently selling, how many units have been sold, and what the percentage change in revenue has been over time.


● Abandonment Analytics: In this section you will find the items that are being abandoned, how many times it has happened, and what the value of all abandonments are, and the overall percent change in abandonments.

● Abandonment Ratio: This header is nearly identical to the previous section. The primary difference is that it provides a more statistical view of the number of abandonments, and any changes that have occurred with regards to a particular product.

Custom Columns: This adds columns to your item display which allow you to quickly ascertain the information that is most relevant to your needs. It is split into 4 main categories, with 22 unique filters to choose from. These allow you to check off dozens of unique criteria for display.

● Product Data:
● (Choose all), Image, Name, Price, Revenue, Sales, Sold Units.
● Abandonments:
● Abandonments, Abandoned Revenue, Abandoned Units.
● Previous: This column is solely reliant on the time span selected for your search purposes. In other words, if you elect to search based on 7 days back, it will display all the relevant data from that time period.
● Price,  Revenue, Sales, Sold, Abandonments, Abandoned Revenue, Abandoned Units.
● Calculations: This will show all values as a %.
● Revenue Change, Abandoned Revenue Change, Abandonment Ratio, Previous Abandonment Ratio, Abandonment Ratio % Change.



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