Let’s start with the following question:

“What is the purpose of the Product Analytics section?”

In a nutshell, here is the answer.

“Product Analytics is a summary of a series of events. Those events could be purchases, or abandonments.”
The core function of the Product Analytics menu is to give you a solid, comprehensive understanding of what is happening with your sites products in real time. This is because the information presented in this section is displayed as it happens. In addition you can view up to the previous 90 days worth of Product Analytics data on your site. 

For example, we can use Product Analytics to perform the following activities. The list here is not absolute - there are an infinite number of ways you can make use of this section. 

● We can use it to find abandoned products based on price changes, and later retarget the abandoners with a segmented email campaign.
● We can create custom product groups for retargeting campaigns.
● We can search for products based on their name or SKU. This is helpful in a pinch.
● We can perform an inverse search for products.  In other words, which products between $50 - $100 have experienced between 1 - and 100 sales in the past 30 days. This is particularly helpful if you have a large inventory of items on your website. 

This is a small sampling of what can be done with Product Analytics. Below, you will find a section-by-section breakdown of the menu going through each and every feature in fine detail. 

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